Dan Gilman Photography

White Oak, Texas

I have been shooting on and off for over twenty years. In the past I mostly shot 35mm and nature/graffiti up until a couple of years ago and finally went digital, and have since went mirrorless. I greatly enjoy portraiture, achieving a particular vision or style and collaborating to make that come about successfully is often exciting!

I also love shooting roller derby and have been fortunate enough to photograph the Dallas Derby Devils, North Texas Roller Derby, and Assassination City Roller Derby events in Dallas.

I have studied Photography at Richland College, took Photo I with Marcy Palmer, Photo II with Wayne Lucas, and Studio Lighting with Gary McCoy. I learned more in five classes over two semesters at Richland College (now Dallas College) than I had in twenty years fumbling around on my own.

I am always looking for a project, always willing to bring my skills, eye, and talent to the table and develop something significant, on my own or with clients.

Spring 2019
Dallas College
Studio Lighting

Gary McCoy - I learned proper studio setup and breakdown techniques for an individual and as a team, studio safety as well as working with professional grade Dynalite power packs and strobes. We focused in detail on developing our images with light in a controlled and professional environment under strict timelines. I also worked on developing my portfolio with an emphasis on studio portraiture as well as commercial product photography.

Photography II

Wayne Loucas - We focused on developing our artistic vision and worked on personal and class goals throughout the semester to capture a variety of subjects, proper lighting techniques, and developing our images through Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. We also learned cutting, matting, dry mounting, and professional printing techniques.

Fall 2018
Dallas College
Photography I

Marcy Palmer - This was an introductory course to beginning digital photography, learning the differences between cropped, full frame, and medium format how to frame a shot and worked exclusively in black and white to get a firm grasp of compositional control in a wide array of settings, as well as working with available lighting to create compelling photographs through visual storytelling.

Basic Graphic Design

Anthony Frisbie - I learned a lot about composition, balance, color theory and perspective, as well as tools such as Adobe Illustrator to create vector and raster images.

Digital Imaging I

Dwayne Carter - We covered a high level overview of mixed media art history, and contemporary artistic tools used to create animation, drawings, videos, and photography.


I am available for hire in 2023!

Together we can create something of value far beyond an exchange of money for services. Take a look at my portfolio and contact me, I'm looking forward to discussing what we can build together!

LOCATION: White Oak, Texas

(Open to travel, frequently in Dallas Texas and close to Shreveport Lousiana)