Month: Oct 2018

Assignment – Reflections

One of the assignments I had for my class was reflections, my wife was amazing enough to help me on her birthday for this!

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Dallas Derby Devils Super Scrimmage

Jayne Ochoa invited me to photograph a roller derby practice session with the Dallas Derby Devils, and I have to say it’s amazing, I found my limitations real quick shooting indoors and with my cropped sensor equipment, and lenses. Oh man though, watching them glide across the floor like sharks and then burst through a …

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Richland College Votes with America

America Ferrera and Alicia Keys visited Richland College to encourage students to vote, it was my first time dealing with crowds and trying to keep my mind on my camera settings over the sound was overwhelming at first, but after I got used to just (mostly politely) pushing through on past people it was enjoyable …

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Portrait Assignment

One of the worst things I’m at is actually directing people on how to pose, I feel like I’m a lot better at nature photography because I just “see” it and photograph it, I need to get better at directing people because I genuinely enjoy portraits. I’d like to move into photographing more people. My …

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Richland College Light Painting

One of the projects I’d never even attempted before was light painting, I’ve seen it and thought it was “Eh, gimmicky.” but it’s a lot of fun, and I honestly enjoyed it greatly, especially learning by trial and error.

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Richland College – First Studio Work

As much as I hate making mistakes and missed opportunities, it makes me work a lot harder finding mistakes later and kicking myself for not measuring twice, at the end of class we actually got to go inside the studio at Richland College, it’s small but decked out with gear I don’t understand but immediately …

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