Neewer 10′ C-Stand

If you’re a photographer (or as la Frawnches would call them ‘Le Pheetafilet’) then you know the value of great equipment, sturdy “strong like bull” equipment”…

Enter the C-Stand, short for Century Stand. I’ve used Savage and Matthews C-Stands for studio work before at college before, and my preferred brand for C-Stand (for the money) is actually not the God Tier high end ones, but rather my Flashpoint.

No, not flashbang, Flashpoint, it’s an Adorama brand. I prefer my Flashpoint 10′ c-stand because it’s a bit heavier, and feels less wibbly-wobbly (There’s a bit of a rattle with the internal springs that the Neewer has that the Flashpoint doesn’t), and again the Flashpoint being heavier, it feels slightly more sturdy and stable.

This Neewer C-Stand isn’t THAT far below the Flashpoint though in terms of quality, and I do like a couple of things better, the GOBO head/knuckle is grooved, which grips better than the Flashpoint, but the arm is a bit more flexible so it it almost negates that advantage right away.

I was able to put my Godox SK400II and a 35 x 160cm strip box on there without any problems fully extended, without sand bags. The turtle base is steady but the arm bowed a bit more than the Flashpoint.

But back to the turtle base, it’s going to need some adjustment because swinging out the legs they almost spin freely, in fact where I have to struggle to snap my Flashpoint legs out, but they literally SNAP into position, this actually spun around 360 without finding the groove, so I’ll need to take off the little plastic nipple at the bottom and figure out the cotter pin/bolt to adjust it so it’s a bit tighter.

Also if you’re buying a c-stand typically you know what you’re doing, but don’t buy this if you’re expecting instructions. There was a sheet of paper that listed what should be in the box. You’re better off hitting up a video demonstration on how to set up and break one down before you even unbox it. It did come with a hex key allen wrench for adjusting/taking it apart.

All in all it’s worth the money. It’ll last, and is sturdy enough for lighting, backdrops, hair lights, flags etc., and is probably the most impressive Neewer product I’ve bought to dateā€¦ But if you see a Flashpoint and this C-Stand around the same price, go for the Flashpoint. But yeah long post short:

Amazon Neewer 10′ C-Stand:

Adorama Flashpoint 10′ C-Stand:

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