Neewer Heavy Duty Clamp

Got this off Amazon the other day, it’s way sturdier than I was expecting. It’ll clamp the heckin’ tar right out of you!

No but for real don’t do this with this clamp.
Hella stronger.

It’s got a strong spring (I read another review where someone was stating theirs was weak, I don’t doubt they got a dud, the one I have will hold a brick), and it’s surprisingly well built. The teeth on the articulating part were a nice bonus. It comes with a little adapter to put onto a tripod or light stand thread, but the aluminum is easily chewed threw by the bolt… so that’s not even an issue for me.

For some reason Amazon wanted me to rate it’s warmth. I mean, it’s made of either metal and aluminum so I mean it’ll conduct warmth I suppose, but as-is it’s fine at room temperature. >.>

Only detractor it has is that the black detachable rubber glove bits smell straight of gasoline, though my wife says it smells more like burning tires. But yeah I took it out of the box and it stunk up the whole room, after a couple of days and some using it doesn’t stink AS BAD but if you give it a big ole huff right to the snoot you’re gonna make a face.

Yeah, I kept sniffing it…

Bottom line? For the price I paid I’m very happy with it, got it with my Neewer C-Stand to hold reflectors/ancillary props etc, and it’s exceeding my needs!


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