Sony Alpha 1 (A1)

Sony Alpha 1 (A1)

Ooooh, pretties!

So Sony released some information about their new flagship mirrorless. Loved the stats, I’m a fan of Sony’s innovations, I think as far as brands go, Sony is leading the pack, and Fuji isn’t far behind!

Canon and Nikon are like old dinosaurs, slowly plodding along keeping up, mostly through brand loyalty and quality products. But I can’t argue that their gear (even the newest best/brightest) are lagging behind Sony.

Actual footage of Canon and Nikon launching new products.

Getting to play with the EVF on a friend’s A9 sold me on Mirrorless, but I ended up sticking with Canon when I upgraded because I have some very nice glass that I invested no small sum into, and as much as I love photography, and as much as I agree that Sony is innovating tech for DSLR/Mirrorless, their menu system was horrible. It’s not something I couldn’t get ahold of, I’m sure once you know it, it’s just there. But even the people who love their Sonys seemed to hate the menu systems.

Actual footage of new Sony users

Enough jibber jabber, let’s look at gear porn!

Okay is that still a plastic hotshoe? I can’t tell…
I love the joystick for my thumb! I hate the EOS R has that slider touch thingy instead…
Okay the tilt screen is hideous, I prefer the flip-out that Canon has, can’t have it all I suppose.
Lookit all these holes! Plus Ethernet!

Okay okay I like specs, the two that grabbed me were the 50MP full frame sensor, the 120 AF/AE calculations per second, and dual slot, true a lot of other cameras offer those or better (Fuji, I’m looking at you), but this is a solid piece of equipment. I wonder how much it costs!


I’m sorry did you say six thousand and five hundred dollars?

Fuck no I’m not buying that for $6,500… I’d rather rent a Lamborghini for 3 hours and take Polaroids of myself driving down back roads in East Texas and shouting my own name on SnapChat every fifteen minutes.

I know I’ll see some amazing videos on Youtube from some of my favorite ‘tubers, but no… just… Hell no.

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