Year: 2024


I jhave had a Patreon account for over ten years, never really used it but I also just recently learned you can have free memberships! Facebook for me is going the way of Twitter, and I know my other social media accounts are not airports so I don’t need to announce my arrival or departure, but all in all I find myself using Patreon more and more and other social media accounts less. Link:

Children’s Story Time with Austin Behlke at Books & Barrels

We went to Independent Bookstore Day at Books & Barrels today to listen to Austin read some books to kids! Ended up getting a couple of books and it was the first time we’ve had to come in since they’ve started reorganizing! Sloan even gave Zoe some free dental work. Independent Bookstore Day is observed on the last Saturday in April. It is a national one-day celebration that supports and celebrates independent bookstores across the U.S. On this day, bookstores host events, offer discounts, and provide safe spaces for literature and ideas.