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East Texas Gusher Days

Started off and on sprinkling, was hoping to take a lot more photos but we mainly just made the circuit and talked with just a couple of people working stands (Easley Haus, Apothecary & Oddities gave The Child a free soap sample), might make the rounds again tomorrow!

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ArtWalk Longview April
ArtWalk Longview Texas

It was an absolutely stunningly beautiful day for a downtown event, and despite the city of Longview having a boil notice for the water supply, Arts Longview’s ArtWalk April went forward. It was supposed to be the biggest yet, but I’ve been to three, maybe four and never could find parking unless I’d go to …

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Gloriana Rodriguez – PDNB

Glory agreed to a shoot with me to test out my new Canon EOS R5! It’s hard to take bad photos of her, she’s just professional through and through, and well, a legitimate honest-to-goodness professional model. Link: Instagram

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Gloriana Rodriguez – The Fabrication Yard

Glory was available to shoot at The Fabrication Yard and I wasn’t going to pass up on the chance!

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Studio Assignment – Carla Ferrell

I’m always intimidated by using the studio by myself because I always have so many questions. But then I find setting up the Dynalite and strobes by myself feels easier than when I have help. Carla is in my Studio Lighting class here at Richland College and was kind enough to sit for portraits!

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Richland College Studio Lighting Class

Spent the night in Studio Lighting preparing for finals. Anaïs was kind enough to model for us and did an absolutely amazing job!

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