Portrait Assignment

One of the worst things I’m at is actually directing people on how to pose, I feel like I’m a lot better at nature photography because I just “see” it and photograph it, I need to get better at directing people because I genuinely enjoy portraits. I’d like to move into photographing more people. My wife was nice enough to pose for a portrait assignment I have at Richland College.

Richland College – First Studio Work

As much as I hate making mistakes and missed opportunities, it makes me work a lot harder finding mistakes later and kicking myself for not measuring twice, at the end of class we actually got to go inside the studio at Richland College, it’s small but decked out with gear I don’t understand but immediately makes me want to take a Studio Lighting course! These were just quick “Hey we have 30 minutes of free time, this is what the Studio looks like!”, I had all the wrong settings, wrong iso, wrong lens, wrong shutter speed, but it really was a quick “Hey think fast!” moment and boy howdy did I not think fast at al! That being said again […]